Negotiate better deals, contracts and prices more easily

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Right now is your team…

  • Lacking the skills and confidence to negotiate?
  • Giving in to pressure and settling for less than you know they could have got?
  • Avoiding going for a better agreement because it’s too uncomfortable for them?
  • Finding it tricky to negotiate with a customer they can’t afford to upset?

Gary Gorman

I’m Gary Gorman, aka ‘The Negotiation Simplifier’, and I can help you.

I’m guessing that the reason you’re here is that your team is delivering good results but you’re still thinking ‘I just know we could have got a better deal there’

Well… I can help your team negotiate the “better deal” more easily.

Having worked with me they  will go into their next meeting:


Better prepared


More confident


More focused on getting the best agreement possible

How it works:

The three ways in which I can help you

Negotiation Training




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